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What’s to do at the Weekend?

Within all the options available to us; what are we to do this weekend? Relax with family, meet someone for a coffee and chat, come to church and rest a while, come to church and worship. Stay at home and rest and worship. Chose a combination.

And yet worship is best taken alongside others, so that our prayers are not so centered on ourselves that our neighbours are forgotten.

Have you never wondered why we often pray with our eyes closed? Perhaps it is to shut out those distractions we may actually be called to focus our prayers upon – our neighbours.

Try and watch someone praying and see how quickly they seep into your thoughts and then instantly your prayers.

Come and see, come and try.

8am and 10am this Sunday at St. Peter’s Huddersfield.

What’s Next to Think About?

Being ‘a bear with a small brain’ I seldom manage, without supreme effort, to visualise the future past my next meal. Sometimes I can manage to focus my being up to, though never beyond, the coming Sunday. Holidays are but dreams long into the future and birthdays are someone else’s problem – sorry if  I‘ve missed yours!

So with heavy heart I have to have an out of body experience because a parish magazine is due and the diary for March and April has to be visualised. That means not only is there Lent to come into focus, but also Holy Week and Easter. I tell you that is enough mind energy to take me way past my next meal.

It is however good to survey the future and recognise the gift of our time and verve that will be offered to the worship of God in the next months – time and energy that is donated willingly not to our benefit, but as pure gift. ‘O worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness,’ is a phrase from this present season of Epiphany – long may it be at the forefront of our planning!