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Expectation of Yon Kings

Wednesday 6th January

So how wise were these kings or magi that visited the baby/toddler Jesus.

They brought gifts of significance and meaning, they followed this star…..

….but they went to a palace and ask a tyrant who had no new offspring. Why didn’t Herod snaffle their treasures?

What was their Epiphany when they eventually reached their destination?




Mum’s The Word

30th January 2015


There you were, up to mischief and your mum was in another room or at the very least she had her back to you.

‘Stop that!’ She says, even though she cannot see you or your mischief.

Mothers are wise!

Jesus’ mother has concern for the failing wedding banquet. Jesus tells her it is none of their business. Mary tell the servant, ‘Just do whatever Jesus tells you.’

I think Mary was wise.

‘Just do whatever Jesus tells you.’ If only we were as wise.

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church