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Jesus in an Hour.

Friday 15 January 

Who are you Jesus? 

Well, Epiphany is a season when we are shown glimpses of Jesus and told to work out, ‘do the maths’, as it were!

For a fullest glimpse read Marks’s Gospel in one sitting, it only takes an hour. Mark wrote with immediacy and seems to want to ‘get the story out there’.

After the hour what will your answer be? 


Who are You?

Thursday 14,January 

A question put to Jesus – a sensible question that we do well to ask still.

Hilary of Poitier was remembered yesterday. He wrestled with those who promoted the idea that Jesus was not God. Hilary is famed for saying: “They don’t know who they were.”

Hilary’s point is really that we have our identity through our faith in God. We are defined and directed by head, heart and gut, founded in Jesus and His love for the Father and for us.

Back to being ‘beloved’.