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Wash Me!?

Holy Week

Tuesday 11 April

A washing of his friends’ feet, as if they were more  important than He. On one hand menial and on the other it shows Jesus incarnation. He was38hed and dried and showed how we should be with one another, regardless of status or rank. Peter’s false modesty and great expectation of Jesus indicates something of our human frailty as we shy away from God’s gaze and yet desire encounters of his love and grace.

Question: Where will I seek opportunity to ‘wash’ someone else today?

 Prayer: Lord, place in my way today someone in need, give me the   opportunity to commit a random act of kindness. Amen



Instinctive Lesson

Monday 21 March


Cue a children’s church lesson, where the group are given wipes to wash each others fingers and ears and thumbs, using the Jesus imperative to ‘wash one another.’

A church warden comes into the room and is told to stand stioll. The group stare and are told to ‘do something’ with him. His hands leave the room clean and fragrant.

Correct, innocently correct response.