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Waiting can take many forms; sitting inactive and not sure of resolution; so busy that you hardly notice the hours never mind the minutes.

“It is like waiting for Christmas!” – both of the above descriptions may apply.

Waiting for a Christingle service and for people to join in is quite magical – children and those who are young at heart, wander in to St. Peter’s and take part.

Strange the conversations generated.

Waiting for Christmas?

No, not just for Christmas – but rather something beyond tinsel and turkey. Resolution and reconciliation however that may be achieved – in God’s good time.

A Too Regular Question…

“Why, oh why?”

The question I so often ask.

I am ten minutes early for meeting a friend and they are going to be ten minutes late. The story of my life and the friends I seem to have, or seem to choose.

Still I wait patiently, recall their redeeming features and look at my watch and repeat my mantra:

“Why, oh why?”