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A Waiting Disciple?

16. The shepherds found the baby and then were so happy and excited that they told lots of other people the news.

I always dream of one of the shepherds turning out to be one of Jesus favoured disciples some years later. From their calling to the stable in Bethlehem, their visitation and their spreading of the news; they waited and watched.

Here is the nub of our faith; we hear, we act and we tell. When we are comfortable with this path we will be drawn into repetition. We cannot stop hearing, but then neither can we cease acting as Jesus called and neither can we stop telling of the worth and worship we find in Jesus presence.

With intent…?

Loitering is a calling.

Policeman would move you on for loitering, but I believe I am called to loiter.

I have always felt that ministering is about meeting people where they are and not necessarily where I want them to be. Doesn’t God dwell where we are and draw us to recognise the fact?  Looking for Him hither and thither, being disappointed with the result and then find He was present already and at all times. Suddenly I can see the ‘Footprints Poem’ coming into my mind’s eye. Perhaps holiness is just recognising that presence and responding in our actions.

Loitering – waiting  in preparation for…?  –As Forest Gump would say – ‘A box of Chocolates’.

In a matter of an hour – the intension was to loiter and spend  the ’waiting time’ researching next  Sunday’s readings in sermon preparation, the time ended being used up in gentle conversations.

A worried young man wanting to be helped to train as a mechanic, another, a searching individual at the start of a longer dialogue; and a asylum seeker, no home or roots or advocate other than his faith – both the cause of him fleeing all he knows and the strength of his search in Britain.

Each exchange marked out by loitering and simple hospitality. An ear, some discernment and directional questions and a lunch shared.