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Showing Someone God.

Saturday 12th December

The prophets last Sunday spoke: ‘Make way the path, mountain brought low and valleys filled in’.

In Advent we are asked to live in a way that make Jesus accessible to others. Jesus talk in similar terms himself. Allowing access to his Father and not preventing these ‘little ones’ to come close or even preventing them from having sight what is possible with God.

The ‘possibility’ of showing God ?

What a commissioning to recognise. Making mountains flat and valleys filled in. Easing others in that gentle Christ-like way.


A Prophetic Vigil! 

Friday 11th December 

Two subjects of this week’s blog. Prophets and vigil.

The coming together of these two thought and I am minded of an Advent a number of years past. Call to anoint Milly as in her great age as she slipped towards her end. The vigil lasted a couple of days and well into each night. Bar the last hours Milly was intermittently awake and focussed to know her time was limited and who it was that sat with her. 

We had spoken of these last moments and had an understanding that I would try and be with her. So her eyes would flutter and she would smile. Her last words told me not to worry that she was not frightened. For all her faults she told me God loved her and this was not an end but a beginning.

A prophetic vigil! 

When she passed illness’ lines faded and Milly not only looked peaceful but quite joyous. I thought of her while writing yesterday’s thoughts down. 

‘May she rest in peace and rise in glory.’ What she saw as her promise and slipped towards that one Advent season.


Sleepers Awake.

Thursday 10th December
Advent a vigil season.

On Sunday past we sang:
“Sleepers, wake!” the watch cry pealeth, while slumber deep each eyelid sealeth: Awake, Jerusalem, awake! Midnight’s solemn hour is tolling,and seraph-notes are onward rolling; They call on us our part to take. Come forth, ye virgins wise: the Bridegroom comes, arise! Alleluia! Each lamp be bright with ready light to grace the marriage feast tonight.

Zion hears the voice that singeth with sudden joy her glad heart springeth, at once she wakes, she stands arrayed: her Light is come, her Star ascending,lo, girt with truth, with mercy blending,her Bridegroom there, so long delayed. All hail! God’s glorious Son, all hail! our joy and crown, Alleluia! The joyful call we answer all, and follow to the bridal hall.

Praise to him who goes before us! Let men and angels join in chorus,let harp and cymbal add their sound. Twelve the gates, a pearl each portal: we haste to join the choir immortal within the Holy City’s bound. Ear ne’er heard aught like this, nor heart conceived such bliss. Alleluia! We raise the song, we swell the throng, to praise thee ages all along.

Simply,  a vision and proclamation of Jesus coming. But a strange vigil, a lot noisier than quiet watchfulness. Can you sense the excited anticipation?

Words by Philipp Nicolai,1599



Wednesday 9th December

The word vigil comes from the Latin word for “awake,” and all its meanings include the idea of watchfulness. A vigil is recognisable as when people stay alert to guard something or people gather to observe time together in memory or honour of someone or some event.

Today between 10.00am and 2.00pm there is a vigil taken place in Huddersfield Parish Church. Under the auspices of the Mothers Union St. Peter’s host what has become an annual occasion somewhere in West Yorkshire.

Including a Eucharist at 12.35pm this vigil is part of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence.

Something to watch and pray for this Advent.



Good Friday – 3 April 2015


“Vigil” – Fish “Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors” (EMI, 1991)

Former singer and songwriter for progressive rock group Marillion, Derek Dick (a.k.a. Fish) has now had a long and quietly successful solo career.

The song finds a central narrator musing on the state of the world today and having a conversation with “somebody up there”, begging them to “throw me a line.”

Perhaps there are parallels to be found with Jesus asking if his father has forsaken him.

The song ultimately ends on a positive note, heading towards a place of “light” and “truth.”

A Good Friday/Easter Song?

Listen to the Song

Graeme Blackwell – Huddersfield Parish Church