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Changing Times

Christmas Day

There is a moment in most couples lives when the world changes. The birth of a first baby is a momentous occasion that changes the way people live and act and interact as well.

The whole universe contracts into the shape of a small baby. Things that were important before now  reckon as dross and a baby, mere pounds in weight, can focus our attention and is ultimate in our lives.

From the divine to the vulnerable shell of a baby. When we talk about the incarnation, we talk about God making himself small and weak and whiny. Yes, experiencing humanity diminutive form. What we have experienced, good or bad, God has been there!

Including changing times!


To The Wonder

A view down the Aire Valley that unexpectedly takes the breath away.

Low mist lying over the hills, the sun a blazing sphere of gold on the horizon. I can feel the muscles at the back of my eyes contracting as the rays of light reach out across the depths of the universe.

A timely reminder of the beauty, wonder and mystery of God’s world.

Release The Stars

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve taken a great amount of solace from simply taking the time to look up and contemplate the night sky.

There is, I find, a tremendous peace to be found in the twinkling of star light, the flashing lights of aeroplanes thousands of feet in the air, and the notion that the universe is more vast than we are able to comprehend.

Far from being a negative experience, I find my infinitessamally small place in such an awe inspiring creation utterly reassuring, knowing that even though I could be considered insignificant, I am loved – as we all are by God – fully and in a way that is also beyond comprehension; a mystery if you will.

What do you think the starlight would tell us if it could? After all, the light we see here on earth is thousands of years old, having been travelling across the galaxy for generation after generation, and being the nearest I suspect we’ll ever come to time travel.

Would it speak of black holes, life on other planets and collapsing stars? Would it speak of God’s creation of all that we see in a new way that we have never considered before? Or would it remain a mystery of ‘why?’ over ‘how?’

I suppose that we’ll never know. And yet if we take the time to be still and listen for God’s voice in the vastness before us – and perhaps more importantly, act upon what he tells us in our daily lives – I think we already know what we really need to.