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Stay Together.

Tuesday 22 November


As a child, as a gang of  us headed off into the countryside around our village, we would have ringing in our ears the saying, “Go together, stay together, come back together!” Wise words to follow then and now.

Look at the Old Testament reading for next Sunday, you will find a striking and hopeful opening. There is a hope that, though the people have sinned, there might yet be a glorious future if people  remain faithful to the reforms made in the days of Hezekiah or Josiah. A simple return to walking close to God. the beautiful vision of Isaiah .

Jesus also spoke of the truth setting us free. His was the same call to prepare ourselves each and  every day by walking as close as he did to his Father.

Help us in preparing to celebrate God’s closeness this day. Grace us, as we make our hearts ready, placing our hope in you. Staying close to you our Heavenly Father through the same Jesus Christ. Amen


Who Are You on Good Friday?

Friday 25 March

 So who do you line up behind on Good Friday. On a day when Jesus  makes an association to all who are beaten, abused and killed, which perpetrator and their trait, with whom do you associate yourself?

 Are you a Pliate? Hearing and meeting truth and turning aside.

 Are you Judas? Living alongside truth and yet a turning as if betrayal is an answer.

 Are you Peter? Loving the truth and yet running from its consequence.

 Are you Mary(s)? Nurturing truth and powerless, watching the outworking of the scene.

 Are you a Pharisee? Seeking truth but not recognising it when it appears and is demonstrated in front of you.

 Are you a centurion? Quite unaware until the truth dies  before you.

 Who are you this Good Friday – look at other events in the world today.

 In this light, who are you?

Angels and Then More Angels.

10th January 2015


The shepherd account begins with an angel and then a myriad of angels – how disturbing!

The shepherds were well into their night shift, gate keepers and wolf scarers, whiling the time away and a stranger appears. Forget the wings and shiny white glowing individual, the news given and where it was occurring was troubling enough. Why were they chosen? Could it be true?

The addition of the host of angels in full praise mode wiped out the ‘why me’ question and the ‘truth’ issue was probably overwhelmed as well.

Oh that our faith was so brilliant, so secure! Sometimes, it must be said, our Spirit guidance can be as definite.

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church