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Hope Again

Saturday 17 December


I return to hope again and its fundamental part of our preparation for Christmas.

We have a pattern in Mary of what is possible. Mary wasn’t chosen for her status, her intelligence or even her holiness. Mary was ‘overshadowed’ because of her hope that stood outside the boundaries of convention and society.

Hope in God the Father of Mary’s forebears, hope in Jesus, the answer to our desire for God close and the Holy Spirit, the hope of presence still. These are the themes of hope demonstrated in nativity scenes and carols describing closeness, closeness in this baby born to Mary.

May I say that, all my hope on God is founded; it is he who renews my trust. Me, through change and chance, he guides. For only He is good and true. For it is God unknown, he alone calls my heart to be his own. Amen.


Free Will

22 March 2015

The complexities of our free will,  in another picture. One we are familiar with in Jesus’ own teaching.
“This is the curious nature of Mister God: even when he is at the centre of things, he waits outsiders and knocks to come in. It is we who open the door. Mister God doesn’t break it down and coming; no, he knocks and waits……
…..Anna never got involved in the problem of free will. I suppose she was too young, but she had got to the heart of the matter: Mister God took second place, isn’t that something!
A waiting God…..!
The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church

An Image of Trust.

19 March 2015
An image of salvation in a girl’s trust. Anna’s way of being ‘saved’ was the way she was able to physically be ‘safe’ – with Fynn and with Mister God.
“Her game…….she would stand some distance off, run towards me, and launch herself at me. The run towards me was deliberate and active; the moment after the launch she was completely passive and limp. She made no effort to help me catch her, no effort towards her own safety. Being safe meant not doing these things at all; being saved meant trusting in another.”
The outworking of this is a life of freedom – life lived in the moment and no fear of death. Resurrection is pure safety.
The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church