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Stress Busting.

Five hours walking Kirklees Way, Dewsbury to Flockton. I am always amazed how you think you know a place and then begin walking. Valleys open up and where you thought you had one hill you have many different hills and valleys to cross. The sun shone and vistas opened up. If anything the sun was too bright as we walked with it on our faces.

All in all today was a brilliant way of blowing cobwebs and worries to the back of your mind. Pressure and stress are overtaken by tight muscles and weariness that promises contented sleep.

Back home problems still exist and boiler is now off! Hey ho!

Sensory Full.

Tired after various events.

Strangely inspired and fulfilled. See the Huddersfield Parish website for details.

“Live in the light” and shine!


A day away from the common ¬†round…..

A little longer in bed and a fair bit of that asleep.

A slow start and mistaken 30 seconds of Jeremy Kyle. (29 seconds too long…!)

The ‘me’ time was limited by two minor jobs one which took far too much time.

I am now more tired than usual.

How? Why?

Tired out and Holy

There is a state I’m sure when we are tired and therefore ‘Holy’.

The nervous, the tempted, the troubled, the guilty, the weighted ones, those with the burdens and worries of life – tossing and turning in search of sleep – yet unable to ‘drop off’.

No better or worse than the next Joe or Jane.

But after shovelling all day, sand, coal, a garden; a long walk or run; something physical or completely draining mentally – sleep comes without a thought for anything remotely troubling on an ordinary slack day.

That bone tiredess that doesn’t allow for any worry or brain worms that fight sleep – bring a certain ‘Holiness’. Innocence that aids our rest and sleep.

Yes -you may have guessed – I’m done for the day and week…..goodnight – sweet and holy dreams!