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Mary and Joseph

3. About 2000 years ago, there was a young Woman called Mary, and a young Man called Joseph.


Specific in a time, specific in location and specifically for two people. Ordinary in their culture the story is set. On one hand pinpointed within history and yet unremarkable in the persons involved. The incarnation is place in time and yet seemly random in Joseph an Mary. They are not who we would choose in salvation’s vision but they are where the story becomes real, beyond prophesy. If these two,  why not you?bYou are also a part of God’s involvement in humanity specific in a time and specific in location.
Give thanks today for your blessings today. But then dwell on what can be in the Kingdom of God here and now.


Monday 29 February 

Last week we had an uncle staying with us. He came because of the death of his uncle and our great uncle. Strangely he was older that his own uncle by a couple of years. (Great) Granny McNeil had 13 children over 28 years and one of her elder daughter had children before her own mother’s last child. 


Well…..how about this then…!

My children are 18, and all but 21 in a few weeks. Today, my mother-in-law celebrates her 17th birthday. I’m not saying she had a hard paper round, but she looks a little more worldly worn than a normal late teenager.

Many happy returns Liz.

Isn’t time a wonderful thing?

Religious Literacy

Friday 19th February 

‘Interfaith needs crisis to flourish’ was a comment that struck home for me. There is something powerful when the faith stand together against violence and atrocity. Yet, religious literacy tends to be stifled when we simple walk together and share platitudes. 

Speaking the kingdom of God slant, marks our differences and as Christians make our neighbour important as us ourselves. But without the background of the ‘Good Samaritan’ parable,  why do we try and be alongside our neighbour of differing colour or creed.

We were challenged to be separate yet involved and preachers of significance in our time and place. 

So, that’s What He Meant?

Saturday 2nd January

I once met a 92 year old who bought a new television with a five year warranty. She was a very positive and was determined to see out the ‘special offer’. I seem to recall she managed and some.

Today I looked through my diary for 2016 as dates and information are beginning to come my way well into this New Year and beyond.

I look at the diary and it seems strange all those days ahead waiting to be filled and forgotten.

I am a ‘bear with a small brain’ who hardly looks beyond the coming weekend. A year ahead seems beyond me. Ho-hum – I’ll not really worry until the weeks unfold!

Today has worries and joys etc…..enough for the present.

Epiphany!? That’s what he meant.

Advent Time

Sunday 30th November 2014

And the exasperated dad said,”Hurry up! It is like waiting for Christmas!” Children in slow motion just drag time so slowly it can be painful. Minute after minute, second after second seem wasted on tasks that in normal speed takes mere moments. Add to the fact that you need to be somewhere else only adds to the frustration.

Four Sundays in Advent seem to leave plenty of room for so much activity before Christmas and yet Advent time is the exact opposite of slow coach children. The next four weeks will go by at a flash by speed.

Give then a little time each day to God. Why not use this blog to steady the clock and give a little time to thought of Jesus, his birth, his return and the hope that is promised.

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor.


Waiting can take many forms; sitting inactive and not sure of resolution; so busy that you hardly notice the hours never mind the minutes.

“It is like waiting for Christmas!” – both of the above descriptions may apply.

Waiting for a Christingle service and for people to join in is quite magical – children and those who are young at heart, wander in to St. Peter’s and take part.

Strange the conversations generated.


A day away from the common  round…..

A little longer in bed and a fair bit of that asleep.

A slow start and mistaken 30 seconds of Jeremy Kyle. (29 seconds too long…!)

The ‘me’ time was limited by two minor jobs one which took far too much time.

I am now more tired than usual.

How? Why?