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The Biblical Stall

Sunday 31 January

A stimulating conversation. Two stated positions, though one was a well worn path and the other looking to discover and interpret for today.

The conversation part of the day was a listening as well as a talking task.

The integrity was most keenly felt by a sense of inclusion as opposed to an appeal to exclude because of an understanding of the kingdom fixed and a return solely to that vision.

Please include and be damned rather than exclude and be damned.

God’s love of us, whatever the state of sin, will conquer. The proof…..?



Opening Doors

Again, I am amazed at how a brief conversation can open so many doors. New horizons can be seen and new potentials are released.

Angry or annoyed with someone – have a coffee and a chat – peace can so easily return.

P.S. Don’t Facebook, E-mail or text when you can talk on the phone, don’t talk on the phone when you should meet face to face.

Closer the contact the better the communication.

Returning to Talk

It seems so long since a blog appeared here on ‘Impression’. In a sense other things sometimes are more important than a regular reflection appearing in print. This year seems to have been so busy, already May is nearly upon us.

What else have I forgotten to do or just didn’t have time to complete in the last five months of this year?

Now that’s a question hat perhaps needs some reflecting upon!

Curry Talk

We are not a book group,  instead of reading a book and then chatting about it, we watch a film, then over curry talk about it. You’ll like this –  we have a film group!

Sometimes the conversation spreads over a couple of hours and we return to what we saw and heard in the film throughout the meal. Sometimes the word ‘rubbish’ is used and we move on to a myriad of other different subjects.

Tonight we will sit, and over first a couple of beers and then the meal, will be taking about ‘The Woodsman” with Kevin Bacon in the lead role. A strange subject for a film – we will, I think, talk long and hard. Relevant to the news at the moment….