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No Room

11. When Mary and Joseph arrived in Nazareth, there was no room in the inn.


‘There was no room’ makes a sadness well up in me. I have been told of broken lives and relationships that floundered because there was ‘no room’. A heart rejected, a job made redundant, a love mislaid or a plea forsaken.

We proclaim grace unlimited but can act as if for someone else there is ‘no room’. The Advent call is to repentance and restoration. If you have signalled ‘no room’ how do you repent and restore?


Monday 22nd December 2014

It was mucky. 2000 years ago, in the stable. The smell would have greeted your nostrils and stayed there, and you would need to be careful where you trod. In this century we like to sanitise everything. We tend to believe that things are good when they are clean and bad when they are dirty. And yet that is where God decided he would be born as the baby Jesus, thatis how God became human – in the muck. And that is how God comes to us. In our difficulties, in the complexities of our lives, in our daily chores, in the things that go wrong and the things that we deeply regret, there is God. It is not that we need to clean up our act to find God, to go to church, but that God is already with us however good, bad or indifferent things are. God does not wave a magic wand to clean everything up, but transforms us in the middle of our human mess and tangles.

Rev’d Simon Crook, Assistant Curate, Huddersfield Parish Church