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Just Plainsong

I do apologise I don’t have a good singing voice…!

Sunday Evensong was a little different this week. The responses, Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis, psalm and hymns were all sung unaccompanied and to plain chant. St. Peter’s resounded with the voices and notes obviously written to meld together in the echo.

I do apologise I don’t have a good singing voice…!

What is plain chant without a few grumblers or squeakers to add to the heavenly choir. The meter and volume just made the worship.

On Tuesday of Holy Week the ‘Great Litany’ was sung in the same fashion and the same rules applied.

Oh for a few less carpets and even more reverb in the building.



The London bus advert proclaimed:

“There is probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy life.”

Here, the door was left open to a sacred space.

Three young men are named as killed in Afghanistan. A town looks for ways to mourn such lost youth.

St Peter’s is open and ready, seen as a sacred space. Set aside for such times.

The TV camera’s were looking for expressions of loss and reaction. They seek  individuals – those who know the family; those who understand loss and pain; those who need to leave a mark of their grief or a heart felt prayer.

Sacred space is set aside, for the possibility or probability. We cannot, we will not waste our cries on nothing or commit them to a void.

A humbly offered sacred space.