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My Soul Sings

Tuesday 8th December

For all this blog puts some thought into Advent there is hope and joy to focus upon.

We await the birth of a baby as prophet’s foretold and the expectancy of a baby and the eventual birth is joyous occasion.

Written on Saturday night whilst listening to Hade Edge Brass Band and Kirklees Mass Choir Huddersfield Parish Church echoes to brass and voices. I cannot help but tap my foot and hum to myself.

My soul sing is an apt title.

When you are out and about and hear something of a Christmas tune are you drawn similarly.

Maybe, just maybe, this also is an Advent prophesy- ‘Joy to the World’ – the first piece theHade Edge Band played on a blowy Saturday night.  

Lily is Risen

17 April 2015

Lily was a life and soul person who was outgoing and yet gentle. With her age she became trapped by diabetese which sent her blind.

For a number of years she was restricted to home, not even making it to church. She was becoming smaller by the month and yet resisted nursing care with a will of iron.

When eventually she tried respite care, she realised what she had been missing and booked her place a month later. Two weeks before that date Lily rang the home and pleaded to be accepted straight away as she couldn’t bear the solitude any longer.

Lily became the soul of her nursing home as she resurrected her strength and vitality. She became a tonic to the ‘old people’ around her.

Other people recognised Lily as an Easter person.

Rev’d Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield

On Prayer……..(2)

11th March 2015


“Prayer like life in the Kierkegaardian sense, is lived forwards but experienced backwards. On my knees, or, rather, on the little prayer stool tucked under the bum to spare them, the trickle of thoughts, impressions, moods, distractions dominate; it’s only when I look back I see an odd angle, a surprising shape, left by a pressure I want aware of at the time. It’s a bit like going to the gym and sweating for six months to no visible end until one day you discover you have an ab. And like the gym, it doesn’t get easier. ”

Fathomless Riches – The Revd Richard Coles p255

And like the gym, after a while the slog becomes a habit and a joy. Like the gym prayer becomes and essential part of a health body, mind and soul. Like the gym prayer can becomes as important as eating, sleeping and breathing.

Sam Crook – Huddersfield Parish Church