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A Burning Faith

Thursday 25 February 

Using a hand held rocket, a kitchen blow torch meant the charcoal was alight in mere moments. Seconds later the fire alarm was blaring. 

Now, I would describe myself as an old fashioned candle man when it comes to charcoal lighting; a small flame and a gentler heat that produces just gentle whiffs of incense.

I accept faith can happen at supersonic speed and the Damascus road is always a possibility, but slow burn, slow learn appeals to my sense of (im)maturity that distrusts the quick fix.

O Worship the Lord

16th January 2015


In a moment of quiet and stillness.

The wise-ones offered a gift of frankincense because the light is God and they offered their worship. We are shown that the love which passes all understanding is God and the wise-ones were in the presence of the divine.

Frankincense was to show that in Christ was pure worship and by our present In worship, our thoughts, words and deeds, we are raised into righteousness and holiness.

When used in worship, the smoke of the incense mingles with the air that worshippers see and breathe. The Light of the World, the one true God pervades all, and in so doing transforms us and raises us up.

What part of life, can be represented in the gift Frankincense?

Simon Crook – Assistant Curate, Huddersfield Parish Church.