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After Three Days

Monday 28 DecemberThe shininess of the new baby has been over-taken by a weariness of disturbed sleep. Mary completely aware of every speak and silent breathe. 

Nevermind ‘God with us’ what about simply ‘new life with us’ is all we need to understand of the incarnation.

Close enough to heighten the senses!

Easter Feeling?

7 April 2015


Easter Tuesday in Glasgow. Where’s the ‘Spring’ in Glasgow, where’s the Easter feel?

Well the sun is out, it is warm and a jaunt around a park in Maryhill with Jock my Scottie and everything does seem new.

A long nights sleep and a couple of walks and I do have a certain holiday, holy day feel.

How ‘Easter’ do you feel today?

Have you looked for that Easter feeling?

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield. 

When to Share?

I think tonight I may dream well.

It is late and I lay in bed. Reading my latest book is like wading through an ankle deep trough of black treacle. I haven’t got ear- phones to watch something on catchup without disturbing the Missus’ slumber. Yet I am not quite ready to nod as my head is full of sweetie mice Zumbaing for all they are worth.

But their rhythm is the sort of alchemy that will create visions. Some are no doubt deep rooted and probably Freudian or just weird. Some will unravel the day’s events and may contain answers. Yet others may just be satisfyingly refreshing ‘there’ and like a good BBC repeat worth visiting more than once during the night.

As we often say as the duvet magnifies our comfort. “Isn’t bed brill!”

Let the alchemy commence.

Waking Thoughts.

Another night back down from bed – sleep escapes me because my mind is too active. Never mind plenty to do and prepare.

Night worms are insidious gremlins. An hour ago I was sleepy and ready. A few well chosen subjects and I’m wide awake and heading down stairs.

Plenty to occupy an hour until I re-enter the dream factory.


A day away from the common ¬†round…..

A little longer in bed and a fair bit of that asleep.

A slow start and mistaken 30 seconds of Jeremy Kyle. (29 seconds too long…!)

The ‘me’ time was limited by two minor jobs one which took far too much time.

I am now more tired than usual.

How? Why?

Tired out and Holy

There is a state I’m sure when we are tired and therefore ‘Holy’.

The nervous, the tempted, the troubled, the guilty, the weighted ones, those with the burdens and worries of life – tossing and turning in search of sleep – yet unable to ‘drop off’.

No better or worse than the next Joe or Jane.

But after shovelling all day, sand, coal, a garden; a long walk or run; something physical or completely draining mentally – sleep comes without a thought for anything remotely troubling on an ordinary slack day.

That bone tiredess that doesn’t allow for any worry or brain worms that fight sleep – bring a certain ‘Holiness’. Innocence that aids our rest and sleep.

Yes -you may have guessed – I’m done for the day and week…..goodnight – sweet and holy dreams!