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15. Then the whole sky filled with angels who sang, “Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth.” The angels left and the shepherds decided to go and see the baby.

Music can lift my spirit and take my whole being somewhere unexpected. What is your favourite piece of music? Does it inspire or well up melancholy into you very being. These angels singing must have been all your top ten rolled into one. Not one but a veritable host singing God’s praise; really professional worship, top draw. The shepherds so moved they left there sheep to view the child.

What will draw you from worship to action today’s?

My Soul Sings

Tuesday 8th December

For all this blog puts some thought into Advent there is hope and joy to focus upon.

We await the birth of a baby as prophet’s foretold and the expectancy of a baby and the eventual birth is joyous occasion.

Written on Saturday night whilst listening to Hade Edge Brass Band and Kirklees Mass Choir Huddersfield Parish Church echoes to brass and voices. I cannot help but tap my foot and hum to myself.

My soul sing is an apt title.

When you are out and about and hear something of a Christmas tune are you drawn similarly.

Maybe, just maybe, this also is an Advent prophesy- ‘Joy to the World’ – the first piece theHade Edge Band played on a blowy Saturday night.  

Ocine Keeper’s Wonder.

Friday 9th January 2015


How the church too often make much of it’s simplicity whilst holding onto buildings and wealth. In the shepherds of Christmas there is recognition of the poor and lowly nature of the followers of Jesus. The shepherds came as themselves, to recognise what they had been told was real. Wide-eyed and probably fearful they went into town expecting what…?

What do we expect of Jesus?

The shepherds must have been she’ll-shocked from the angel visitation. I can’t imagine them humming along with the angelic ‘Gloria’. More likely the ‘mighty dread’ of the carol would have been more realistic. However, they did what was asked and then found a baby in similar circumstances to their own, poor and lowly.

Even as a baby I’m fairly sure Jesus spoke to them. He was found to be like them, small and vulnerable….found to be like them….how real!?

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church