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Wednesday 21 December


How stories fire the imagination. Old classics be they fairy tales or myths from legend. Expressions of humanity that underline significant desires to recognise the good, the potential and positives of life and our desire for them to be ‘right’.

A fine story sets the scene, sets down markers for us to equate ourselves alongside. Place, people and character information give us a sense of the narrative and make the whole tale personal to us.

When you look at Matthew’s account of Jesus’ birth all these elements are laid out for us. The incarnation needs a place, a cast of characters and some  background.

We all know the traditional birth narrative. It is close to our hearts in its simplicity, but its familiarity may hide the stark and most important facts.

Looking with new eyes – within eternity God chose to place Jesus in a small town in Israel at a particular point in that country’s history. He was born to a specific mother in an unconventional family for the time. This birth was not heralded in a royal court, but in some dark, similarly insignificant countryside.

If there, if then, if……then why not to me, here in my unworthy circumstance.

That is the amazing point of the incarnation, it speaks of new possibilities.

As I read or hear the Christmas story anew, may   I see, my I know the desire of God to be a part   of my existence and the lives of those among whom I move. God of entity you are ultimately the God  of an infinite number of moments in time when you break into the human state. In Jesus, in me and  in my neighbour. Grant me grace to live as part  of your story. Amen


Simplicity of Evensong

Twice in eight days the sober magesty of Choral Evensong. Last Sunday – 29th January I took part in the 4pm service at Wakefield Cathedral.

Choral Evensong sung by Men and Women.

Hymns: NEH 56, 245, 408
Responses: G Jackson
Psalm: 34
Canticles: Stanford in C
Anthem: Tres Magi de Gentibus Lang
Voluntary: Exulternus Whitlock

And what a glorious worship it was, mixed voices, rich and round. With all the dignity of an English Cathedral setting.

 ‘Alas no sermon’ as one person commented as they left.

And this evening:- 5th Feb 2012

Choral Evensong sung by Huddersfield Parish Church Choir

Hymns: A&M 97, 109, 18
Responses: Feria
Psalm: 2
Canticles: Anglican Chant
Anthem: Evening Hymn Henry Balfour Gardiner

Three clerics, a choir whose average age is under 20 and a fair congregation. The building blocks of a good Evensong standard. Thank you to Elly and the choir, Stephen on the organ and the prayers offered. Even the sermon perhaps?

Quite moving really.