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Tuesday 6 December

In the middle of  Summer, standing on the beach in bare feet the sand burns. One is reduced to hopping from foot to foot, seeking relief, until eventually managing to scrape off the surface layer of sand and uncover cooler damp sand underneath. And there is blessed relief. A wild   dance of agony sinks into relaxation.

In our frantic preparations, in our mad shopping trips, in our keeping up with the neighbours let us focus again on he who comes to bring peace. Let us remind ourselves where our grounding lies.

“Our heart is restless until it finds its rest in you.” St Augustine.

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Further details of the quote from St Augustine

 Jesus, the answer to our frantic restlessness, may I find your peace though my prayers and  actions this day. Amen


A Line in the Sand.

Wednesday 2nd March

On Sunday, we thought about God’s line in the sand. This is a line emphasised by the life and ministry of Jesus. 

The mark is there for us to see, and follow towards the horizon. However, all too often we move to the left or to the right.

In the psalms and proximity to this line is understood, we hear God saying ‘When you in your mother’s womb I knew you!’

God knows us, even when we fail to come close to the line, God knows us.

A great Lent theme is repentance, turning around and seeing God’s presence. Drawing close to the line because God is there waiting.