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Incarnated Love

Thursday 7th  January

Can you remember the moment someone just loved you for yourself. That flash of light moment when it is said two worlds collide and you are safe within another’s care?

Such an expense can be a very human experience or epiphany.

But then some have to sink to the lowest point in their live to realise that God in Jesus makes the same commitment to us. Look for God, look for his incarnated love this New Year.

A moment when two worlds collide and you are safe within another’s care?

Advent Response

Monday 30th November

Jesus is coming how do we response?

Clearly in direst need, wet through to the skin a coat, some food and a day sheltering from the weather, he ‘mans’ the church between services.

After a service of the ancient “Advent O’s ” and a talk by a religious on contemplative prayer I cadge him a cigarette and lock the church doors.

Jesus is coming how do we response?
Last night he slept wrapped in a dry duvet, relatively warm in a dark and empty church.

Safe with God?

An Image of Trust.

19 March 2015
An image of salvation in a girl’s trust. Anna’s way of being ‘saved’ was the way she was able to physically be ‘safe’ – with Fynn and with Mister God.
“Her game…….she would stand some distance off, run towards me, and launch herself at me. The run towards me was deliberate and active; the moment after the launch she was completely passive and limp. She made no effort to help me catch her, no effort towards her own safety. Being safe meant not doing these things at all; being saved meant trusting in another.”
The outworking of this is a life of freedom – life lived in the moment and no fear of death. Resurrection is pure safety.
The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church