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God Centred

Readings for 1st Sunday in Lent

Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7, Romans 5:12-19; and Matthew 4: 1-11


Saturday 4 March

The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil   is the myth that explains how and why humanity knows and recognises right and wrong, why we have a conscience. Jesus in the wilderness, his chief defence against temptation was this conscious understanding. Jesus’ centre was on God His father, all his answers were God-centric and beyond His own needs and desires.

Question: What will you offer tomorrow in worship, what will you give away or give up that is not God centred?

 Prayer : Father, I offer to you the things that call upon me that are   not of you. Forgive my false focus , help me to follow Jesus in His     wilderness experiences. Amen



Wednesday 21 December


How stories fire the imagination. Old classics be they fairy tales or myths from legend. Expressions of humanity that underline significant desires to recognise the good, the potential and positives of life and our desire for them to be ‘right’.

A fine story sets the scene, sets down markers for us to equate ourselves alongside. Place, people and character information give us a sense of the narrative and make the whole tale personal to us.

When you look at Matthew’s account of Jesus’ birth all these elements are laid out for us. The incarnation needs a place, a cast of characters and some  background.

We all know the traditional birth narrative. It is close to our hearts in its simplicity, but its familiarity may hide the stark and most important facts.

Looking with new eyes – within eternity God chose to place Jesus in a small town in Israel at a particular point in that country’s history. He was born to a specific mother in an unconventional family for the time. This birth was not heralded in a royal court, but in some dark, similarly insignificant countryside.

If there, if then, if……then why not to me, here in my unworthy circumstance.

That is the amazing point of the incarnation, it speaks of new possibilities.

As I read or hear the Christmas story anew, may   I see, my I know the desire of God to be a part   of my existence and the lives of those among whom I move. God of entity you are ultimately the God  of an infinite number of moments in time when you break into the human state. In Jesus, in me and  in my neighbour. Grant me grace to live as part  of your story. Amen


Another Point

Another John the Baptist reading in a different setting. A new ministry beginning as a prison chaplain.

The reading and liturgy pointed to ministry amongst the imprisioned, but all that was spoken called out to each visitor, prison officer and fellow chaplain.

Each prayer and acclamation point the individual back to God through right relationship and the nurturing of self to God through th the same interaction.

Hear, then, this Advent call. 

‘Do what is right’!

20th January 2015


Jesus was baptised in the Jordan as an act of repentance and forgiveness. John felt that he shouldn’t be baptising Jesus. Unworthiness can prohibit our approach and working with God’s grace.

Yet Jesus was concerned with doing what was right. Others were watching and holiness, this wild, turning repentance gripped the people of Judah.

John recognised Jesus, his own diminishing star and Jesus rising divinity.

Could we let go of our self, our achievements and our ego in the same way.

Although a long time since our own baptism the echo to ‘do what is right’!

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church