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But God….

Readings for Easter Sunday

Acts 10.34-43, Colossians 3.1-4; and Matthew 28.1-10


Saturday 22 April

But God raised him from the dead” I love that phrase: “But God…” It is the antidote to mess we get into in our lives, and the answer to the despair we often feel when we hear the news from around the world: “But God…” And our job as Christians, as witnessed to what God has done in Jesus Christ, is to keep that message alive. To keep alive the rumour of God in  a sceptical world, and to remind people of the possibility of approaching life in a different way. Faith not fear, hope not hate, love not lies, Our communities, our nation, our politics – and our children and grandchildren – all need to hear this message: “But God raised him from the dead” – because Easter changed everything – forever.

 Question: What difference should the message of Easter make to the way you approach the things you will be doing in the year ahead?

 Prayer: Lord, thank you that Jesus broke the power of sin and death by his resurrection from the dead. May the new life of his kingdom come into our world in me and through me today.


Called Afresh

Friday 2 December

Sunday will focus this week of reflection at Huddersfield Parish Church particularly. The Bishop of our Diocese of Leeds, Nick Baines, who contributed yesterday’s reflection, will confirm candidates during the main morning service. There will be call to repentance and some self examination with wonderful references to Jesus life and ministry, his death and resurrection.

The words and actions, the whole sacrament itself is a moment in the life of St. Peter’s who everyone present will be called afresh.

Called afresh, now that is an advent theme!
Lord, as we sing ‘New every morning is the love, our waking and uprising prove,’ help us to live as those called afresh each day. In this newness guide me to share this state with others this day. Amen

Easter Rising!

Sunday 28 March

Close you eyes – dark isn’t it ! But then open them and brilliant clarity. Isn’t that resurrection material?

An author passes and yet lives on through their writings. Isn’t that resurrection-like?

A girl is killed in a car crash, her organs used to enable others to live, her family are upheld by this sacrifice. Isn’t that resurrection- esk? 

Star Wars spirality sees followers gifted by the very death of a master and leader. Very resurrection!

But there is much, much more to Easter.

A weak, frightened group of individuals changed because of something more significant. Our learning of death not being final, can make us into communities that recognise God’s kingdom in the present.

With God everything is possible. Jesus physical statement beyond death make all things new and possible.
When a Christian say “Christ is Risen!” There is reason to know that our hope can lead us to many destinations.

Have yourself a blessed Easter. 


Tuesday 15 March 

In another of our Lent books, Holy Sweat, Tim Hansel says, “To be able to fail well is absolutely critical. 

But the ability to make failure work for you and not against you requires one more quality: perseverance.” 

In some ways death is a failure, letting our ultimate human weakness finally win and take over. This is what happens to all of us. This is what happened to Jesus on The Cross. And yet God makes something out of this weakness.

From Jesus’ emptied being comes the ultimate hope of eternal life. From our own deaths comes a share in his eternal life. But the weakness of death is not enough by itself; it requires something else – Tim calls it perseverance. But it has another name, which is, “faith”

Seeing with Easter Eyes

26 April 2015

how often do we judge others or just right them off because a single event or occurrence?

The cross and the rising of Jesus give us an imperative that we look with Easter eyes at people and places.

Resurrection is not just something of the first Easter. We are called to make it so every Sunday and everyday. 

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield 


8 April 2015

 A lazy afternoon watching a nature programme on T.V.. We are told that human cells reproduce really fast and over a lifetime we are not the same person we were. Indeed, renewal is a part of being alive.

Renewal and  resurrection are part of the Christian D.N.A.. We are part of this Easter life that rises. Renewed and changed is how Jesus sent out the disciples. Not scare and fearful because of the crucifixion of Jesus, but in the light of his resurrection.

Easter people still?!

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield. 

Roll Away The Stone

Easter Sunday   5th April 2015


“Roll Away The Stone” by Kelly Joe Phelps (Rykodisc, 1997)


Kelly Joe Phelps is an extraordinary American blues musician who also draws on the deep roots of country, soul and jazz to create beautiful and otherworldly music.

“Roll Away The Stone” may sound like a traditional song, but is in fact a Phelps original.

Referencing the rolling away of the stone from Jesus’ tomb, it’s a song of intense emotional power, lifted by Phelps’ incredible guitar work and smoky voice.

Listen Here

 Graeme Blackwell – Huddersfield Parish Church