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April Fool

Friday 1 April

They were seen as foolish – the dead raised to life.

But the disciple’s move from fear to faithful – Easter was real.

The Approachable God.

5th February 2014


‘Christ’s Presentation at the Temple’ or ‘Candlemas’ ends the Christmas season for the western Christian Church. Yes, 2nd February officially ends the season of the incarnation, the making ‘fleshy’ of God in Jesus.

All these words in Epiphany are really about the birth and very living of Jesus. Real physicality. Experiential living, meeting people, talking, being baptised, of water and wine and relationships.

God lived through Jesus and that make God approachable.

As an invitation to share in bread and wine at St. Peter’s, I often use these words:

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church