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Preparing Gracefully

Monday 21 November


Advent you may know is a season of preparing; indeed the special prayer for Advent Sunday at its heart simply asks for ‘grace’ from God to be ready.

Ready – by laying time aside to talk with Jesus, reading his Good News and establishing the rule hope for the day. Look at the news and pray God into that situation – pray for grace to inhabit and tend. Ask Jesus why! Seek a response of hope, if not directly in yourself then through other.

Grace to prepare in hope.

Help us today and every day to worship you,  to hear your word, and to place you in the  centre, help us to share your hope with others. We ask it in the name of the one who was born in Bethlehem. Amen.

Ash Wednesday Commitment

Wednesday 10 February

What is an Ash Wednesday commitment?

As in a confirmation there is a call to the participants to be different – and in terms of Jesus – praying, thinking and doing. We are not asked to move mountains or fast for forty days but look to God and neighbour with Christ-eyes.

Praying, thinking and doing, where will your gentle commitment be this Lent?

Jesus in an Hour.

Friday 15 January 

Who are you Jesus? 

Well, Epiphany is a season when we are shown glimpses of Jesus and told to work out, ‘do the maths’, as it were!

For a fullest glimpse read Marks’s Gospel in one sitting, it only takes an hour. Mark wrote with immediacy and seems to want to ‘get the story out there’.

After the hour what will your answer be? 


When to Share?

I think tonight I may dream well.

It is late and I lay in bed. Reading my latest book is like wading through an ankle deep trough of black treacle. I haven’t got ear- phones to watch something on catchup without disturbing the Missus’ slumber. Yet I am not quite ready to nod as my head is full of sweetie mice Zumbaing for all they are worth.

But their rhythm is the sort of alchemy that will create visions. Some are no doubt deep rooted and probably Freudian or just weird. Some will unravel the day’s events and may contain answers. Yet others may just be satisfyingly refreshing ‘there’ and like a good BBC repeat worth visiting more than once during the night.

As we often say as the duvet magnifies our comfort. “Isn’t bed brill!”

Let the alchemy commence.