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The Weave

Friday 16 December


There is a   drama series on TV and the first  moments of the current episode flashes the highlights of the previous week or weeks; the whys the wherefore, the questions and the cliff-hanger.

Mathew tells his narrative of Jesus’ birth through the prospective of Mary and the placing of her and Joseph’s experiences within a particular place and time in history.

There is weaving and intrigue as any live drama, but God’s hand is seen throughout.

Look again at events of the week – what are the headline for this week’s conversation with God?

As I look at the pattern of the news today, where can I place God in the pattern? In the needs of others? In their joys or success? How about in the justice or injustice a situation? As Jesus broke into human history revealing God’s hand, may I behold him today! Amen