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A Dry Place.

Readings for 3rd Sunday in Lent

Exodus 17: 1-7, Romans 5: 1-11 & John 4: 5-42

Monday 13th March


When we hear of time spent in the wilderness, what do we picture? An arid dry place? Somewhere familiar, or a landscape beyond our experience? We live in one of the most built up areas in our country, but an area where we are never far from the moors. I wonder what landscape we picture?   I wonder if a distant wilderness is more frightening because of its unknown dangers, or if it is the desolation of the familiar moors which strikes us cold, because we may be only too aware of its dangers.

In Sunday’s reading from Exodus, God’s people are travelling from the wilderness “by stages”, and journeying towards the place God has   promised them. There is danger, there is risk. There is the known and   the unknown. And there is God.

Question: As we find ourselves in the middle of Lent 2017, I wonder what stage of the journey from wilderness to promise we find ourselves at.   Are we in the middle of a journey from unbelief to faith? We may be   confident of our direction and hopeful of our destination – or we may find ourselves unable to see an end to the wilderness of work, stress, anxiety and pressure.

Prayer: Creator God, you are the God of my everyday, the close & familiar – and you are the God of the wilderness places in my life and heart. Open the eyes of my heart to feel your presence on this journey. Amen.




Silent Night

Tuesday 16th December 2014

Silent night, Holy night. All was calm, all was bright. What a wonderful image of peaceful, magical times, of serenity. We sing about it. We send cards about it. But how difficult it is to do it, especially at Christmas. The food, the drink, the presents to buy and wrap, the parties. These celebrations are important,they are a part of the joy of the Christmas. But we must also make space for what we are celebrating; a presence beyond ourselves. Try to make this as important as the other pressures and strains on life and be still and quiet for a few minutes each day during advent, and in that time and space be open to that which is eternal.

Rev’d Simon Crook, Assistant Curate,