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Friday 19th December 2014

I was sat in a choir practice, the conductor was brilliant in what he wanted us to do and how to deliver.

He windmilled his arms to control the speed and if he waved madly we were to sing loudly and small movements meant quiet tones. By watching we came in as one voice and with a flick of a wrist we would stop our sound together.

You will have heard the saying “practice makes perfect”, another version is “practice makes permanent”. Together this make perfect sense of rehearsing music.

As we move closer to Christmas, what do you practice to make perfect and permanent?

Stress busting is easiest when rehearsed. Relaxing and being at peace is part of spirituality that is often forgotten. Shalom, or in English, wholeness is something we need to try and reach regularly and often. Try resting and clear your mind sometime each and every day.

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor, Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church