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Keep Faith

Readings for Easter Sunday

Acts 10.34-43, Colossians 3.1-4; and Matthew 28.1-10


Tuesday 18 April

Where were Peter and James and John on that first Easter Day? Why was it Mary and Mary Magdalene were the only ones to go to the tomb? Were the men too afraid or were the women more faithful? Either way the Marys are an example to us. They went to pay their respects, to mourn and to grieve – and  instead they met with Jesus himself. They didn’t know what they were doing but they kept faith and God honoured their   faithfulness by making them the first to meet with the risen Lord.  Sometimes when things are dark, just keeping on keeping on is hard, but simple faithfulness will be rewarded with the dawning of a new day – and keeping going is always easier with a friend beside you.

 Question: How do you cope with times in your life when things seem dark and you can’t make sense of what is going on?

 Prayer: Lord, when times are hard and the day seems dark, give me a friend to walk beside me and the courage to know you will be there to meet us.


Who Are You on Good Friday?

Friday 25 March

 So who do you line up behind on Good Friday. On a day when Jesus  makes an association to all who are beaten, abused and killed, which perpetrator and their trait, with whom do you associate yourself?

 Are you a Pliate? Hearing and meeting truth and turning aside.

 Are you Judas? Living alongside truth and yet a turning as if betrayal is an answer.

 Are you Peter? Loving the truth and yet running from its consequence.

 Are you Mary(s)? Nurturing truth and powerless, watching the outworking of the scene.

 Are you a Pharisee? Seeking truth but not recognising it when it appears and is demonstrated in front of you.

 Are you a centurion? Quite unaware until the truth dies  before you.

 Who are you this Good Friday – look at other events in the world today.

 In this light, who are you?