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Work in Progress.

Wednesday 30 March

I was reading a book about a Chinaman writing about London in 1938. On Spring he said: “Sring comes in fits and starts…” 

I wanted to simply answer that Easter comes all at once.

But as Easter people I see that we are a work in progress.

Easter Renewal

Tuesday 29 March

Easter Sunday followed the previous two Sunday’s when a sudden increase of worshippers seemed to answer our prayers for growth. Even humble Evensong welcomed extra worshippers.

‘New the green blade rises’ was sung – an amazing reflection of a busy Passiontide and Easter.

Jesus – making all things new.


Monday 14 March 

Then Tom Butler appealed to us not to cherry pick the easy passages of scripture and skate over or ignore the hardest parts of the story.
Do you know the psalm that speaks of genocide and dashing babies to the ground. Is this an account of godly direction or what humanity thought was God’s will?

The Bishop appealed to us to let the enlightened parts of the bible speak to the harder parts. I acknowledge the idea that we shouldn’t filter out the crazy stuff for the crazy gives sense to the sane.

Jesus calls us to the margins of his beloved creation. Not cherry picking the saved, the good or the beautiful. There is and needs to be contrast in our scripture and our relationships.

Context 1

Thursaday 21 January

Jesus at the ‘Cana’  incident, acted in the moment and specifically to the problem in front of him, and so ‘revealed his glory’. There is something wholly appropriate to the moment and the people involved. 

It grates with me when the moment and the person and kingdom hits against the rule and the rule takes precedence. 

Jesus creates wine not a buffet, he uses the people and objects at hand and his grace is revealed.

Go, do likewise. Deliver God grace in context.


Saturday 26th December

On this Boxing Day and most of the gifts have been unwrapped, I call to mind one of the prayers connected to psalm 127 in my prayer book.

Lord you are ever watchful
and blesses with your gifts
as you provide for all our needs,
so help us to build what pleases you
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Thanksgiving should be a Christmas theme. Look around and see people and their beauty, even in an sometimes ugly world.


Wedding Dress Stares

The difference between a wedding and a funeral?

Well at a funeral people walk past a hearse, church and funeral cortège without even raising their heads or making eye contact with anyone involved. Maybe a show of respect or acknowledgement of the solemnity of death.

A wedding dress and best bib and tucker (with button hole) perhaps attract the good memories of family occasions, while a black clad gathering has the opposite effect.

A wedding – passers by stand and stare or just stand and smile – in a dream-like state.

Perhaps it is easier to be happy with someone than mourn with them.

In a Moment

How aware of someone are you?
Well tuned or just on peripheral of your senses?
(Someone close to me speaks of ‘profiterole vision’)

I sit with my first pot of tea and read while the rest of the house is asleep. A line leaps from a page. Someone is aware of ‘the tiny clicks her eyes made when she blinked’.

Instantly, book lowered, I blink. Once, twice, three times; click, click, click! Then for a moment I hear the clock ticking, the hum of the boiler, no the boiler pump humming, and then the substantial breeze outside and the irregular slap of an untethered cable.

The clarity is perfect!

May God grant us such awareness in dealing with someone in front of us today.