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Wednesday 7 December


There is nothing worse than a diversion. Instead of arriving at Aunty Flo’s on time, just as you get close, you are forced on the diversion. Stuck in a line of other hapless drivers, on unfamiliar roads, with huge queues at all the junctions. You see, these other roads are not designed to get you to Aunty Flo.

We are told in this week’s readings to make the roads straight and level. We are told to get on the right road to God, or we could say, to get on the right road back to God. Try not to get diverted, but set your face towards his presence here with us.

Align yourself with him through confession, Holy Communion, time in prayer and in service to others. These are the roads designed to take us to him, even as he comes to us.

Make straight the path!

Help me Lord, in the diversions of today, to   find time to straighten my path to you. May I find you in word and in sacrament, as I pray for  myself and those in need of you…. 

Come Lord Jesus.


Showing Someone God.

Saturday 12th December

The prophets last Sunday spoke: ‘Make way the path, mountain brought low and valleys filled in’.

In Advent we are asked to live in a way that make Jesus accessible to others. Jesus talk in similar terms himself. Allowing access to his Father and not preventing these ‘little ones’ to come close or even preventing them from having sight what is possible with God.

The ‘possibility’ of showing God ?

What a commissioning to recognise. Making mountains flat and valleys filled in. Easing others in that gentle Christ-like way.