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Palm Sunday Cry

Readings for Palm Sunday

Isaiah 50:4-9, Philippians 2:5-115: 1-11 & Matthew 27:11-54

Thursday 6th April

On his entry into Jerusalem Jesus is cheered and exalted by the same people who will turn with cries of, “Cru34cify him! Crucify him!” Yet, when they glorify him on Palm Sunday, Jesus accepts them.

Thoughts and Prayer: We are also liable to change, one minute fired up, the next wanting to turn our backs. And yet God takes what we offer. And when we return to him, what we offer is ourselves.


In the Shadow of the Cross

Wednesday 23 March

I was processing photographs from Palm Sunday and one caught my eye. The Rev’d Simon Crook was presiding throughout the service and this snap was taken when he was ‘baptising blessing’ palm crosses and people in St. Peter’s gardens.

We we soon to be turning towards the cross and its significance for Christians.

Can you see what shadow is cast onto Simon?

How significant on our thoughts this Holy Week!


Palm Sunday Tale

Sunday 20 March

The simplest of memories from the South Yorkshire village of Hoylandswaine. 

We were walking fro the chapel to the church one Palm Sunday behind our donkey. The
Vicar and choir were robed, the sun shone and people we passed received palm crosses. Even cars were hailed and given the same gift.

Six years or so later I am loitering in Huddersfield Parish Church when a man comes over and asks if I was once the vicar of Hoylandswaine. I nervously said yes.

They said they received a palm cross which was blu-tac-ed onto their dash board. Only being given the cross flipped a switch in their spirituality from which baptism and commitment flowed.