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Turned to Joy.

Readings for Easter Sunday

Acts 10.34-43, Colossians 3.1-4; and Matthew 28.1-10


Monday 17 April

What a strange business Easter is. All the sorrow of Good Friday is suddenly turned to joy. Lenten abstinence gives way to chocolate overdose. But what does it all mean? We need to trace the roots of Easter right back into God’s plan since before the creation of the world: that he would send his own Son to break the power of death, to restore humankind to life in fellowship with him, and to create a new people who would bring his life into the darkness of this broken world. Easter is the beginning of a new creation with which you and me are invited to join in.

Question: Into what part of your life – or your world – do you most long  for God’s new life to break in?

 Prayer: Lord, help me to allow your new life to break into mine, and help me to share that new life with others. Amen.


Are You Barred?

13th January 2015


These Wise-one, Kings or Magi and indeed the visiting shepherds all give vision, give Epiphany to different groups of people. The shepherds visit on behalf of the poor and lowly, the Kings represent power and wealth. The shepherd represent the downtrodden and uneducated, the wisemen the knowledgable and knowing. The shepherds are seen as the visitation of the Jewish nation, whilst the magi as the Gentile world.

In our prejudice we would easily keep someone from meeting Jesus. Whoever the wise-ones or shepherds represent, they too would naturally turn into gate keepers; blocking the Jew or Gentile, the rich or poor, the wise, who got the wrong theology or the simple, because they could not understand.

The Epiphany showing is that there is real open invitation to visit Him.

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church