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Jack Built…!

Readings for 1st Sunday in Lent

Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7, Romans 5:12-19; and Matthew 4: 1-11


Friday 3 March

Can you remember the rhyme:  “This is the house that Jack built.”

The whole poem links people and objects to Jack and his house. Relationships are often convoluted and complex. In his letter to the Romans, Paul makes the same links between Adam and the fall, and Jesus and salvation. Paul uses an understanding that grace is a ‘free gift’ which is accessible to each of us.

Lenten observance is a yearning to know Jesus better. Ash Wednesday is the start of the season where self examination begins. Daily, we should ask ourselves ‘how is my relationship with Christ informed by my relationships with others?’ My words and actions are linked by the reaction they cause, through others to God.

Question: What part of the house that Jesus built am I today? What will I do that strengthens and what will I do that harms the relationships within those lines and links?

Prayer: Lord allow me grace sufficient to be right with you and right with my neighbour. Amen

Good News

Saturday 10 December


Jesus said that the poor will have good news brought to them. That leads me to ask ‘Well, what about the rich?’

Compared with times past we are all ridiculously rich. Compared with most people in the world we are all in this country obscenely rich – some of us more than others. At least in terms of money.

Those who have traveled to other parts of the world can testify for the generosity of those who have nothing, for the hospitality of those who can’t afford it.

Of the vibrancy of spirit of those in adversity. Of community – real community – where if I lose my job, my neighbour will feed me. In this country we have so much, and yet we often have so little.

Yes, we need the good news of Christ.

But, do we want it?

Hasten, Lord, the day when people will come   from east and west, from north and south, and sit at table in your kingdom and when we shall see your Son and worship. And so today, even with our riches, as we recognise our poverty, help us to live in the light of your coming and give us a longing for your kingdom.

 Maranatha: Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.




Tuesday 6 December

In the middle of  Summer, standing on the beach in bare feet the sand burns. One is reduced to hopping from foot to foot, seeking relief, until eventually managing to scrape off the surface layer of sand and uncover cooler damp sand underneath. And there is blessed relief. A wild   dance of agony sinks into relaxation.

In our frantic preparations, in our mad shopping trips, in our keeping up with the neighbours let us focus again on he who comes to bring peace. Let us remind ourselves where our grounding lies.

“Our heart is restless until it finds its rest in you.” St Augustine.

(further extracts from

Further details of the quote from St Augustine

 Jesus, the answer to our frantic restlessness, may I find your peace though my prayers and  actions this day. Amen



Monday 15th December 2014

In an age of ‘Facebook,, ‘Twitter’, texts and so many social media experiences, a number of charities and other social awareness groups are reporting that loneliness and isolation are an increasing problem in society.

Do you know your neighbour? Just to speak to and to say hello or well enough to borrow/lend a ‘cup’ of sugar’? The Queen’s Jubilee gave opportunity for street parties and neighbourhood gatherings. These events gave a better sense of community; a feeling of belonging to many lonely people.

This Christmas if you sense someone who lives close to you is isolated, help break that situation. Make a Christmas card count. Don’t post it anonymously, knock on the door and hand it to them personally.

You may be their only human contact this side of the New Year.

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor, Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church