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“The missing piece sat alone, waiting for someone to come along and take it somewhere.”  Silverstein tells (or rather draws) the tale of a lonely little wedge that dreams of finding a big circle into which it will fit perfectly, so that together they can roll along and travel to somewhere new

Many shapes come along, but none are quite right.

The missing piece tries everything to get noticed: it makes itself more attractive; it tries to be flashier — but that only scares some of the shapes away and leaves it ever lonelier

How do you fit with others? Friends, partners, God?

The Rev’d Dr. Anna Wallis – Associate Priest at Huddersfield Parish Church 

Good Welcomed News.

Good news is always a welcomed guest.

At the point I felt someone moving far away from influence and help, experience tells me they were to be moved without thought or favour to ’who knows where.’ I was actually expecting a phone call from somewhere far off, even outside Yorkshire.

Word came, good news – relocation hardly further than they had been travelling  the last weeks. Beautifully, connections and hospitality are in place, friends are ready and a centre of prayer to continue a sometimes frightening journey.

Give us grace to welcome and sustain.

Their (and your) prayers are part of the construction that is our church family!