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Negotiating in Prayer

Friday 11th March

For a thousand years in your sight are but as yesterday, which passes like a watch in the night.

A reading from psalm 90 and my mind wandered.

I was reminded of the person who used negotiation as a form of prayer.

“Lord is it true that a thousand years in your sight is as but a moment?”

And the Lord replied: “Yes, my child!”

And the person prayed: ” Would a million gold coins be but as a penny to you?”

And the Lord replied: “Yes, my child!”

“Could I have loan of a penny, Lord?”

“In a moment, my child!”

Offer prayer and don’t negotiate, but then we are only human.


Happiness and Faith.

Happiness and faith need to be worked at each day.

I’ll sign up to that…!

By living in the moment; not denying the past or worrying about the future; now is the time to be happy and faithful. For faith and happiness are very much tangible creatures of the moment – never forced but free.

Can we rise to the challenge to make both pertinent….now?