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Help Me.

16th February 2015


After her business goes bust, a desperate lady resorts to praying. ‘God please help me;’ she wails. ‘I’ve lost my business, and if I don’t get some money, I’m going to lose everything. Please let me win the lottery’.

Saturday night comes and goes, someone else, and not her, wins the jackpot.

Soon she prays again, ‘God , please let me win the lottery, only you can save me. Along comes the weekend, another draw, and no luck at all.

Once again she prays. ‘God, why haven’t you helped me? She cries angrily. I’ve always been a good servant to you—PLEASE let me win just this once, so that I can get my life back in order.

Suddenly, there is a blinding flash of light as the heavens open and she is confronted with such a vision beyond imagination—and the vision speaks—God booms: my dear one, meet me half way on this. Please buy a ticket!!!

That will be something of a theme in the Lenten season. God saying meet me half way. It seems a perhaps stale saying but if we can look to even inching closer to God, then I’m sure that we will not be let down with the results.

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church