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Slow Down

Thursday 17 March

An excerpt from one of our Lent books, Holy Sweat, by Tim Hansel: 

“One term, the lecturer set the preaching class up in a different way. He scheduled his students to preach on the Parable of the Good Samaritan, and on the day of class, he choreographed his experiment so that each student would go, one a time, from one classroom to another where he or she would preach a sermon. The professor gave some students ten minutes to go from one room to the other; to others he allowed less time, forcing them to rush in order to meet the schedule. Each student, one at a time, had to walk down a certain corridor and pass by a bum [a social drop out], who was deliberately planted there, obviously in need of some sort of aid. The results showed that very few stopped to help. But also that those on the tightest schedule were least likely to stop … Rushing to preach a sermon on the Good Samaritan they had walked past the beggar at the heart of the parable.”

There are two lessons in this: putting into practice what we believe, and finding time in our lives to respond to the needs of others. Lent is a very good time to slow down and do less so that we can do more.



Wednesday 16 March

God calls us into ourselves. 

Or as Tim Hansel puts it in our Lent book, Holy Sweat, “We are called to become the very best version of ourselves we can possibly be.” 

The Christian life is not simply one of smiling politely, behaving in a seemly fashion and being reverent, especially in church. No, the Christian life is becoming. 

This is a process where God transforms us and we are active participants in this. We become who God calls us to be. And then, as Tim puts it, “we are called to give it all away to a world that is desperately hurting. We are called to share our lives with others.”


Monday 7 March

A social media training day expressed the opinion that being ‘liked’ is akin to being ‘loved’ and verbalised in that real realm. They wanted to say that a “‘like’ is a hug to a blind donkey!” – my words.

“How many hits do you get?” One competitive fellow course member enquired, dying to tell me their tally. I didn’t know and don’t know now. However, my travelling companion said that I should ask on the blog for people to ‘like’ and ‘retweet’ and ‘comment’.

The theology behind it all – I query in a very sceptical way. What would Jesus do?

Then I remembered something for tomorrow.


Wednesday 24 February 

Our failures and dimmer moments can come all too often.
Others may not see us shrivel inside, but we will have times when what we do or think or say will diminish our very humanity.

Part of Jesus ministry, as pointed out by Robin Gamble in the Lenten book on offer at Huddersfield Parish Church as a resource, is that it only does he call us to repentance, but also reconciles our failures to God in forgiveness.

And in that moment God celebrates. 

In God’s eye we are, we are becoming,we shall be perfect in his grace

The Biblical Stall

Sunday 31 January

A stimulating conversation. Two stated positions, though one was a well worn path and the other looking to discover and interpret for today.

The conversation part of the day was a listening as well as a talking task.

The integrity was most keenly felt by a sense of inclusion as opposed to an appeal to exclude because of an understanding of the kingdom fixed and a return solely to that vision.

Please include and be damned rather than exclude and be damned.

God’s love of us, whatever the state of sin, will conquer. The proof…..?


Incarnated Love

Thursday 7th  January

Can you remember the moment someone just loved you for yourself. That flash of light moment when it is said two worlds collide and you are safe within another’s care?

Such an expense can be a very human experience or epiphany.

But then some have to sink to the lowest point in their live to realise that God in Jesus makes the same commitment to us. Look for God, look for his incarnated love this New Year.

A moment when two worlds collide and you are safe within another’s care?

Epiphany of the Limp

Tuesday 5th January

A prayer that made me chuckle!

May those who love us, love us.
And those who don’t love us,
May God turn their hearts;
And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles,
So we will know them by their limping.