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Understanding God.

18 March 2015

There is a whole conversation held about understanding God and God’s purpose. How we change our understanding of God as we grow and develop. From a man with a beard on a throne, through to asking for specific items we know we need, to the Almighty and powerful deity who claims our very selves and forgives.

“In whatever way or state you understand Mister God, so you diminish his size. He becomes an understandable entity among other understandable entities. So Mister God keeps on shedding bits all the way through your life until the time comes when you admit freelyand honestly that you don’t understand Mister God at all. At this point you have let Mister God be his proper size – and wham! – there he is, laughing at you.”

Imagine God chuckles as we realise a ‘proper size’ unencumbered by even our imagination.

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church

Friends and Strangers

28th February 2015


It takes time to get to know somebody well.

So why would it be different getting to know God?

George Guiver says that we must read about the things God has done. Talk to others who know Him well.

There’s no hurry – You have all eternity.

Rev’d Janet Sargent – Associate Priest at Huddersfield Parish Church.

Different and Yet the Same.

I meet the Ethiopian priest for the first time. We are the same and yet so different.

We both are deacons and priests concurrently and both in holy orders for around twenty years each. He has been a monk for half that time at the Asebot Monastery in Ethiopia, whilst I have serve in several Barnsley villages for about the same time. Yet, I am married with children and was supported by my wider family and the opposite is true for him.

He showed me his monastery and the Ethiopian ‘New Jerusalem’ built out of the bedrock hundreds of years ago.

Abesot Monastery

Lalibela Churches

Two Christian Cultures are meeting within the sacred space that is Huddersfield Parish Church. I recognise so much and yet the language barrier is only a dimming veil.

I look forward to learning more about these brothers and sisters in Christ.

Read more about the Ethiopian Orthodox Church


My educationally astute walking buddy – who never moans when the going gets tough, not at least until we get past seven miles – (yes Babs I’m mentioning you here) would be proud of me.

Learning is a wonderful thing when undertaken with eagerness. A five week programme put onto PowerPoint and I have learned loads. I’ll probably forget it all again but will be able to retrace my tracks the next time I enter the world of ‘Office 2016’. Yes, I recognise that everything will have change and nothing will work quite the same way – but hey variety is the spice and all that…I even looked at a computer course – and that is where it will stay  – looking.

This learning malarkey – when you are interested is a beautiful thing. I just wonder why I didn’t take the subjects I liked at school? Misdirection or a career strategy that let you make blunderings into ill-suited subject choice?

What could have been?

Never mind I’m happy in a role that allows for present development and on into the future.

Learn something every day!  Don’t kill too many brain cells at the weekend. (Babs again!)

Playing and Learning

A short pause – and I smiled at the irregularity of the petals, the oddness of how the flower stuck out from the end of the stem, the joy of the colours, how it went out of focus as I moved in close.

This is my first play at WordPress blogging! And some of you may have already have had this becasue I posted it in the wrong place!