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Lament to Hope

Tonight is a Reflection on the events of last Thursday – “Lament to Hope.”

Lamenting is a cry from within. A cry of despair, uncertainty, instability of the shooting – so close to home – outside a library – of Jo Cox – someone we hear about and identify with – an ordinary person.

Lament is railing about the wrongness. Part of religious language of pain in events and lives. Calling on God for answers. Our Humanity is found in lament’s questioning.
Do we find defiance ? Yes! Not in my name.

There is time in the service to tie ribbons to a simple structure.The ribbons happen to be red white and blue. You make the connection. Not rabid defiance – simple action tying ‘not in my name, not in the name of my community, not in the name of my country, to the events of last week. Rejecting the hate that thinks….I don’t know what he thought…..!
We look to change from lament into hope – people talking of Jo – real and alive. Someone with vision and desire and drive to help others. While being a mum, wife, daughter, sister, colleague, friend….ordinary and someone with whom ordinary people identify.

Hope is defiant – not in my name – a better way of service.


Friday 4th December

Lament – a Christian trait shunned by the modern world. The gut wrenching sadness,a hair breathe away from dispair. When in God’s presence all debate and voting is complete, arguments stated and logic laid out clearly and we realise death will be an agenda item in people’s lives. 

Lament because of failure to honour the image of God. Yes,  we may smile in the mirror and see His image, yet in a place far away, a face will be stilled as life is destroyed in them. Let us lament.

An Islamic tenant is the if you kill one person then the whole of humanity is wounded, indeed killed.

We need to lament and be changed by the shame that must grow out of such separation from the creator.