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News of an Old Friend

Friday 26 February 

Sunday I met a lady and their son in a Colne valley church. Later that afternoon, after a gentle evensong the same lady and child came into Huddersfield Parish Church to shelter from the rain and as part pilgrimage for her mother who was a regular wanderer into St. Peter’s. 

In conversation, it turns out her mother was my old Greek friend, a lady I had mentioned in a blog 18 months or more ago.

It was one of those God moments of subtle reconciliation. Not specifically Lenten but beautifully innocent as my elderly friend who stopped wandering because of her stroke, an ailment that apparently restored her mind and therefore her very self to her daughter.

I remember her because she was so determined and secure that she was God’s friend, in all her life and all her travels. 

May she rest in peace and rise in glory – and  why not because God, after all, is her friend.


Pray for Me.

27 April 2015

My Greek angel would come into St. Peter’s. She talked of God’s spirit always being with her. 

She would press a bar if soap or a carton of cooked mince into my hand. Usually there would be opportunity to pass such gift on before the day was over.

Her visits have ceased, she moved out of town and into care.

The last time I saw her she promised to pray for me.

Easter embodied.
Rev’d Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield