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Turn Again

Readings for 2nd Sunday in Lent
Genesis 12: 1-4a, Romans 4: 1-5; 13-17 and Matthew 3.1-12

11Friday 10th March

“Repent for the Kingdom of God has come near.” Repent. Take some time today and consider where you have turned away from God and other people, ask the Holy Spirit to shed light on those areas which are hidden and which you might avoid thinking about. And then repent – ask for God’s forgiveness in the knowledge that he will cleanse you. And turn and return endlessly towards God. Seek those things which build and avoid those things which destroy. And when you get it wrong, which you will, turn again to God. “Repent for the Kingdom of God has come near.”


Repentance Clearance

Thursday 1 December


John the Baptiser was clear about his role and purpose in life: he was to clear the way for God to come among his people. The Kingdom of God is simply where God is to be found – something the people couldn’t quite understand. John is preparing them for a surprise: God among them as one of them. To do this, he forgets tact and diplomacy and calls people to clear away the distracting rubbish and open themselves to the coming of God. Repentance means changing the way they look, see, think about and respond to God’s presence … in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, not in the resolution of their problems.

Question: What might you need to clear out in order for God to be welcomed?

Loving Lord, open our eyes to see Jesus as he is. Open our ears to hear his call to join him and his friends. Open our minds to think about him afresh. Open our hearts to receive him. Amen

So Good!

Wednesday 23 November


You will often hear the saying that people “have never had it so good”. The line was used in the 1950’s by the Prime Minister of the day, Harold Macmillan. The whole context was one of optimism, what we can achieve from this point in time.

One of last Sunday’s readings, Colossians 1.13, told us we belong to the new age of Christ and we are   already citizens of heaven. Our lives should befit this calling because in salvation terms we “have never had it so good”.

From Christ the King last Sunday we move to Advent and simultaneously await Jesus birth and return.

Are you already a part of the new age and how does that inform our preparation?

Looking for the blessings of today, the ever present prospect and reality of ’God with Us’ , may we be found ready and expectant of the Kingdom now and in the whole of this Advent season. Amen