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9. When Mary was very big and the baby was soon to be born, the emperor said that everyone must visit their home town to be counted. Mary and Joseph had to go to Nazareth.

We can be so comfortable; warm and well fed, sane and intelligent. But not so everyone. There are those of our acquaintance, who are cold because of an uncaring society; hungry for contact; ill  at ease with depression; struggling in a world that demands competency or rejects because of poverty.

Christ the King/Emperor demand that we are counted. When we conclude our faith is truthful, it is not enough to understand in our heads, we must be counted with those who act like Jesus. We are told to be counted; to touch with human kindness, to speak with someone we know to be lonely, to listen to the disturbed, to ask the opinion of someone left behind.

Lord grant me the grace to follow you command to love God and my neighbour. By observing the first may I react to the second.


Saturday 9 January 

Empty, I feel a little empty on a number of levels.

Physically I am hungry and weary after a couple of days walking all the day and before I’ve eaten anything today. I’m quite empty!

But then I also am brain empty, one of those times when I don’t seem to even be able to think. The blog screen seems to mock me.

In this anti-epiphany how empty did Jesus become – from the status of the Almighty to the inconsistency of humanity.

Now that is empty….!