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Linked Coincidence

Friday 18 March

I stood in Berkley Square and text both my wife and daughter that I struggled to hear a nightingale singing above the traffic. (Though she knew the song my daughter didn’t get the reference.)

The following night, well past midnight and I am walk home from the centre of Huddersfield and guess what? A nightingale sang on Bradford Road.

How often does God tap us on the shoulder or somewhere in our conscience about an event, issue or person and link it back to scripture or our faith knowledge.

God’s nightingale sing in many unusual places and times.

New Perspectives?

 Walking around the outskirts of Huddersfield and on into Calderdale, I covered on foot ground only touched previously by car tyres. Crossing farm land near the Roundhill pub, we came across a view over into Elland – magnificent! Skirting the M62, we headed up the hill and south, avoiding cows and thick mud, coming through trees onto Huddersfield Golf Club – open fairways traversed by this public footpath – everything crystal clear and vibrant green. Over the brow and a vista that contained all of the town of Huddersfield and across to Castle Hill – St John’s look enormous and St. Peter’s diminutive. Down into the valley and a long climb up Grimescar valley, in glorious sunshine we ate our lunch by a brook. What a well-kept secret! Continuing the climb avoiding Ainley Top roundabout, we were soon on open farmland again, crossing the M62 to look over Greetland and Halifax and walked up and down dale until we reached Turly Cote Lane – a very old track indeed. Such views there are to be had, birds singing and not even a hum of traffic. The valleys below looked flat and smooth, until we headed down to meet the canal at Elland – the route was neither flat nor smooth. At last though the safety of the canal and we left all views as we were enclosed by the regularity of a flat walk along the navigation.

We found so many different perspectives, vantage points and new vistas. My walking buddy was in awe of some beautiful places within a stone’s throw of major towns.

How do we view other people? Do we try and find different perspectives, vantage points and new vistas. If we can see the land different in such a vast area, the person in front of us deserves the same.