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Instinctive Lesson

Monday 21 March


Cue a children’s church lesson, where the group are given wipes to wash each others fingers and ears and thumbs, using the Jesus imperative to ‘wash one another.’

A church warden comes into the room and is told to stand stioll. The group stare and are told to ‘do something’ with him. His hands leave the room clean and fragrant.

Correct, innocently correct response.



Father Clayton

19 April 2015

Important in my formation was Father Wilfred Clayton. I first was touched by his holiness in an parish interregnum in my home village of Creswell in the early 1980’s. He was a tall distinguish, never married, black cassocked and retired priest who displayed a graciousness in an unassuming way.

When close to being chosen for ordination he was able to steady me with some quiet and simple words of guidance. He spoke of the Easter spirit of God working in us beyond what could possibly and potentially achieve by ourselves.

Father Clayton was a holy Easter person to me!

Rev’d Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield


9 April 2015

This is not a specifically Christian comment, but something of a spiritual norm that is confirmed by my own faith.

The drives in life which make us need more or try and achieve the greatest goal can never be a resurrection goal. 

“Life in its fullness is found in the quiet realisation of the blessings of today and not the promise of tomorrow. The most content (and holy) I have ever met are most often those who relish the moment and the interactions of the day. Those in front of you become the most beautiful and successful by their being there and not because of their achievements.

See Jesus and the lilies etc. 

Just be one of the Easter people.

Revd Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield 

Easter Feeling?

7 April 2015


Easter Tuesday in Glasgow. Where’s the ‘Spring’ in Glasgow, where’s the Easter feel?

Well the sun is out, it is warm and a jaunt around a park in Maryhill with Jock my Scottie and everything does seem new.

A long nights sleep and a couple of walks and I do have a certain holiday, holy day feel.

How ‘Easter’ do you feel today?

Have you looked for that Easter feeling?

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield. 

Taste the Difference

6th April 2015

Easter Holiday Monday, a quiet day of reflection after the enormity of yesterday.

A continuation of a holy day

By the way ‘He is still Risen.’ .

Taste the difference.


A simple state of holiness.

Peaceful – a drive to a ferry port and stop at Colwyn Bay. A walk along the front, with an ice-cream. Back in the car listening to Test Match Special. The sun shines as the traffic passes smoothly.

Peaceful and holy – what a definition of holiness.

The Beauty of Holiness…

Perhaps, just perhaps all that holiness entails is: “Talking to the Father,” and holiness occurs when “there is nothing between us.”

This is part of a much longer conversation I danced today.

The person I am referring to is a very self-contented individual, calm and happy. She continued by saying that she had never asked anything of God.

I foolishly asked: “Why not?”

“He has always fulfilled my needs without asking,” was her innocent reply, “I have always known God’s words to me – ‘you are my child and I protect you’.

Perfect, beautiful holiness radiates from her, in quiet acceptance of life now and heavenly life afterwards.