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Advent Response

Monday 30th November

Jesus is coming how do we response?

Clearly in direst need, wet through to the skin a coat, some food and a day sheltering from the weather, he ‘mans’ the church between services.

After a service of the ancient “Advent O’s ” and a talk by a religious on contemplative prayer I cadge him a cigarette and lock the church doors.

Jesus is coming how do we response?
Last night he slept wrapped in a dry duvet, relatively warm in a dark and empty church.

Safe with God?

Help Me.

16th February 2015


After her business goes bust, a desperate lady resorts to praying. ‘God please help me;’ she wails. ‘I’ve lost my business, and if I don’t get some money, I’m going to lose everything. Please let me win the lottery’.

Saturday night comes and goes, someone else, and not her, wins the jackpot.

Soon she prays again, ‘God , please let me win the lottery, only you can save me. Along comes the weekend, another draw, and no luck at all.

Once again she prays. ‘God, why haven’t you helped me? She cries angrily. I’ve always been a good servant to you—PLEASE let me win just this once, so that I can get my life back in order.

Suddenly, there is a blinding flash of light as the heavens open and she is confronted with such a vision beyond imagination—and the vision speaks—God booms: my dear one, meet me half way on this. Please buy a ticket!!!

That will be something of a theme in the Lenten season. God saying meet me half way. It seems a perhaps stale saying but if we can look to even inching closer to God, then I’m sure that we will not be let down with the results.

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church


Broken heart is a little strong a description, but severely lacerated could describe a week weighing heavy on my spirit. But then how dare I feel so when those who have touched me are in dire straits.

He is a regular visitor for me, ever more ravaged by his intake of substances that harm him more than suspend his harsh existence. A couple of weeks ago he couldn’t stomach any food and wanted a couple of quid to get him though the evening. This week he really needed something to warm himself and to fill a real hunger – a fish supper!.

Coming back from the chip shop I meet second fellow – out on the streets and away from a chaotic relationship that he saw as harming his daughter’s welfare – needed similar help. All he wanted was food to sustain him for the night. He needed something to give him energy while he slept in the yard of the charity he worked for during the day. He was clean and tidy and was expectant of using the welfare system during the following day. He did not come for breakfast – he hoped to be on the up the next day.

Today was a simpler scenario. An older man, coping with much younger spouse who had died – he had been in crisis had ‘thrown a woobler’ – destroyed his possession. After a breakdown he was getting his life in order. Wanting a shower –we came up with various ways and local opportunities. As he left, all that had passed between us was his recognition of the black places he had been and his hope for the future. But a brighter spirit gave him hope.

The major cause of sad laceration was an asylum seeker who finds herself under the official radar. She was now realising that help is available but only by being recognised by the authorities. Warm charity just cannot supply her needs. She is coming to terms with the fact that these needs outweigh the lack of peace of mind that comes with the threat of being returned to a worse situation in her country of origin.. Passing her on to other with more experience and resources just may be gave her a chance.

The others all walked away from me – I had to walk away from her.

With intent…?

Loitering is a calling.

Policeman would move you on for loitering, but I believe I am called to loiter.

I have always felt that ministering is about meeting people where they are and not necessarily where I want them to be. Doesn’t God dwell where we are and draw us to recognise the fact?  Looking for Him hither and thither, being disappointed with the result and then find He was present already and at all times. Suddenly I can see the ‘Footprints Poem’ coming into my mind’s eye. Perhaps holiness is just recognising that presence and responding in our actions.

Loitering – waiting  in preparation for…?  –As Forest Gump would say – ‘A box of Chocolates’.

In a matter of an hour – the intension was to loiter and spend  the ’waiting time’ researching next  Sunday’s readings in sermon preparation, the time ended being used up in gentle conversations.

A worried young man wanting to be helped to train as a mechanic, another, a searching individual at the start of a longer dialogue; and a asylum seeker, no home or roots or advocate other than his faith – both the cause of him fleeing all he knows and the strength of his search in Britain.

Each exchange marked out by loitering and simple hospitality. An ear, some discernment and directional questions and a lunch shared.