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John 1

13 April 2015

Easter people – John 1 – played with God in a happy, playful mischievous way. 

“I’ve been very good this week! ” he would say, “my horse will come in this Saturday.” 

“It doesn’t work that way!  I would tell him. Then he would count his winnings in front of me.

John’s exuberance at the end of a hymn, or choir anthem (in which he was singing) would burst out with a roaring ‘Marvelous!’ He was a man of great appitite and glorious love of life and a spirituality that didn’t question theologically but attempted to live the Jesus way with a smile, laughter and quite humble bartering.

Dying suddenly, he actually didn’t worry about his account. I can feel his grip and a grinning “He is Risen!”

Rev’d Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield

Wedding Dress Stares

The difference between a wedding and a funeral?

Well at a funeral people walk past a hearse, church and funeral cortège without even raising their heads or making eye contact with anyone involved. Maybe a show of respect or acknowledgement of the solemnity of death.

A wedding dress and best bib and tucker (with button hole) perhaps attract the good memories of family occasions, while a black clad gathering has the opposite effect.

A wedding – passers by stand and stare or just stand and smile – in a dream-like state.

Perhaps it is easier to be happy with someone than mourn with them.

The Beauty of Holiness…

Perhaps, just perhaps all that holiness entails is: “Talking to the Father,” and holiness occurs when “there is nothing between us.”

This is part of a much longer conversation I danced today.

The person I am referring to is a very self-contented individual, calm and happy. She continued by saying that she had never asked anything of God.

I foolishly asked: “Why not?”

“He has always fulfilled my needs without asking,” was her innocent reply, “I have always known God’s words to me – ‘you are my child and I protect you’.

Perfect, beautiful holiness radiates from her, in quiet acceptance of life now and heavenly life afterwards.


Happiness and Faith.

Happiness and faith need to be worked at each day.

I’ll sign up to that…!

By living in the moment; not denying the past or worrying about the future; now is the time to be happy and faithful. For faith and happiness are very much tangible creatures of the moment – never forced but free.

Can we rise to the challenge to make both pertinent….now?