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Shared Grace?

18th January 2015


The Son of God and sharer in humanity.

During the days after Epiphany we are show other visions of Jesus. We launch forward to Jesus’ baptism in the river Jordan by John the Baptist.

In a repeat of yesterday’s theme, Jesus was baptised, drenched in the Jordan as an act of repentance and forgiveness. As we were at our Baptism.

This was not just for Jesus’ followers to respond to in a similar manner, but for us to recognise that Jesus shared and shares still the grace and love of his and our Father.

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church


As ever, we were giving away free gifts at the Great Yorkshire Show this year. We fish for people’s interest by giving them something physical. We are able to start conversations and to guide people to look at the display within Church on Show Pavilion. To rest a while, to look a little and maybe to be challenged.

Every church would be for if we gave £20 notes away each Sunday. People would probably clammer to get into church before a service started. My dad used to talk about people knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Each and every week we try to talk about the free gift that is the grace of God. We are reminded of all that is given through Christ, reminded of the peace available to us and we are reminded of the value that God puts in us.

Value that Mr. Negus!

God’s Dream for us!

Why do we live a life of grace? What possible reason could there be that God expends so much time and energy on our frailty and sometimes ignorant lives?

I was sitting in a room listening to someone talking about vocations; they were telling us about encouraging and developing individuals. Suddenly the speaker began to unpack the concept of vocation, or more clearly, about faith’s journey as being:

‘Catching up with God’s image of us.’

We may dally dodge the issues of our calling, but notably God has a blueprint, a perfect outcome through his input of grace. What we make of it may be a mess or a muddle, but that God-viewed image is God’s very dream for us!

Comforting or disturbing – discuss!