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Servant King


Saturday 24 December


The baby was wrapped in bands of cloth an placed in a manger.

This is, of course, the same person whose body would be wrapped in strips of cloth and placed in the tomb.

As a baby and as the adult servant King helpless and dependent on others. Giving up himself to the wills of humanity. God still comes to us, emptying himself so that we might meet him.

Can we ever be as vulnerable as him?

Can we open ourselves to the will and love and life of God as he meets us this Christmas?

Almighty God, who has power beyond all that we can comprehend, you meet us in the form of a  tiny baby and broken body. By your Holy Spirit, enable us to put aside all pride and so to be ready to welcome you as Mary did with open arms. Amen.



Monday 4 April

The prayer at the end of one of this morning’s psalm was moving for me.

Gracious God, you are full of compassion;
may we who long for your kingdom to come
rejoice to do your will
and acknowledge your power alone to save;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

so very Easter in its focus.

Love Wins!

20th February 2015

Reflections inspired by the book, “Love Wins” by Rob Bell.


It has long been held by most evangelical Christians, that unless a person comes to faith in Jesus Christ, and so accesses God’s grace, they are condemned to an eternity in hell. Rob Bell, an evangelical himself, wrote a book saying that the traditional view of salvation is not biblical, which stirred up lots of emotive argument.

He says that the bible is predominantly about God’s love and redemption; that ultimately all people will be saved, because God wills it. What our loving God wants, our loving God gets.

The doctrine that all people will be saved is called universalism, and has been around for as long as Christianity, but has largely not been in the evangelical sphere.

Love Wins, a very readable book, puts an argument for universalism right where many leaders of conservative churches don’t want it: in public view.

The Rev’d Simon Crook – Assistant Curate – Huddersfield Parish Church